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Video Dance Games Are Top Christmas Gifts for Tweens and Teens

Video dance games are incredibly popular, as seen with the huge sales of games like Dance Dance Revolution. This year, U-Dance by Hasbro is the latest video dance game to hit stores, but the U-Dance game is different than the rest. U-Dance uses motion-sensing technology to allow for the most realistic dance experience of all the video dance games available.

Most video dance games use a dance mat or game controller to control your dance moves, but the U-Dance game uses Motion Tags, which are reflective sensors with elastic straps that you put on your feet. The Motion Tags send your movements to a Motion Tower, and all your foot movements are shown on the TV screen, making for a totally realistic dance experience. With the U-Dance game Motion Tags, your feet become the controller. You strap the Motion Tags on your feet, and the game detects all your moves, without the restrictions of the game controller or dance mat that you have to use in other dance video games. Grammy-nominated artist Chris Brown calls U-Dance "the best dance game out there."

U-Dance is plug-and-play, so unlike Dance Dance Revolution, you don't need a Wii, Xbox, or Playstation game console. All you need is a TV with AV jacks, and the U-Dance game plugs right in. You can dance alone to any of the 12 popular songs included, challenge a friend to a dance-off, or take a break in the "lounge" to play a mini-game. In Dance Floor mode, you dance along to the song, trying to match the steps and timing. Do well with the song, and you'll have your performance scored by the judges. There are three difficulty levels, and you can save your progress as you go through the dances and levels.


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U-Dance by Hasbro is Better Than Other Video Dance Games

U-Dance is made by Hasbro for one or two players and is intended for ages 8 and up. There are three dance difficulty levels and multiple dance venues. The Dance Floor mode uses 12 popular new and old songs. Other modes include the Lounge, where you can play a quick-step minigame involving kicking lounge lizards out a spotlight on the screen, and Workout mode, in which you "run" on a treadmill, stepping on diamonds while avoiding hazards. Use the two minigame modes to practice using the Motion Tags or to get a break from the more challenging Dance Floor mode.

The U-Dance game system comes with AV cables, a Motion Tower, and a pair of Motion Tags. You'll also need four AA batteries, a television, and a Phillips screwdriver to install the batteries. The Motion Tower comes in three pieces that are assembled by simply snapping them together.

The Latest of the Video Dance Games Is Already in Short Supply

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U-Dance songs range from recent hits like "Run It!" by Chris Brown to oldies like "ABC" by the Jackson 5. Players perform real dance moves, like jumping, sliding, cross-overs and more. The game gets your whole body moving, challenging you to get fit and practice foot-eye coordination with realistic and fun dance moves while playing the best dance game available.

Video dance games will be one of the most popular Christmas gifts for teens and tweens this year, and the U-Dance is the most innovative and realistic dancing game available. But supplies are limited, and the U-Dance game will be in short supply as Christmas nears. Don't wait and be disappointed. Buy U-Dance by Hasbro today before it's too late!